Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Topshop Nevada Lipstick

Topshop Nevada Review
Topshop Lipstick in Nevada Review
Topshop Lipstick in Nevada Review
Topshop Lipstick in Nevada Review
Topshop Lipstick in Nevada | £8.00

Lipstick is my ultimate weakness and obsession, out of all beauty products I can just never resist buying a new lipstick. I have a fair few and I'm thinking of doing the lipstick tag very soon so you'll know what I'm talking about ;) 

I mostly buy rather bright lipsticks ranging from pinks, purples and reds. Nudes are something I never usually gravitate towards, although I do love the look of a smokey eye with a nude lip! When It comes to applying my lipstick at the last minute I'm always like NOOO I'LL JUST WEAR THIS! (usually a pink or red shade)

I kept seeing so many people on Instagram wearing Myth from MAC and I fell in love and was really lusting over it, but as I hardly wear nudes I thought It would be silly to pay £15 for a lipstick I might not wear. 

After a little research, I found out that Nevada from Topshop was an amazing dupe for Myth.

Topshop describes this lipstick as a "Pale Nude Creamy lip colour with a satin finish."

After applying this, I instantly loved the shade and even though I'm super pale I personally didn't think it completely washed me out. The only niggle I had with this was the formula, it didn't have the best colour payoff so you did have to do a good few swipes of lipstick before getting the desired shade and it literally clung to every dry patch on my lips.

Overall thoughts - I do like the shade and I think this is a perfect dupe for Myth if you're on a budget, but as I think I've mentioned somewhere after this disappointed me, I did go ahead and purchase Myth, which I will do a review on too!

What are your thoughts on Nevada, or Topshop lipsticks overall?

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