Thursday, June 19, 2014


Todays post is a little different from my usual beauty posts, I don't write too many personal posts. I would say I'm a fairly private person, so I do feel a little strange sometimes, but I do enjoy reading them myself, so I will try and write a few more in the future! This is probably the most personal post I've ever written so I'm slightly nervous! As you know it was Fathers Day on Sunday and on Bloglovin' I saw post after post of bloggers writing about how much they love their Dads and this was probably the first time I realised my Grandad wasn't going to ever come back. If you know me personally, you'll know that when I was growing up I spent SO much time with my Grandad, my biological Dad wasn't and still isn't the nicest of people, so my Grandad was the man I classed as my Dad. 

He was a man that was so full of knowledge and taught me so much and took me on so many adventures. He was the one who taught me all about photography and it's now something I really enjoy. He also took me to Brighton often and it's still one of my favourite places ever! He was also SO romantic! On one of his and my Nans anniversaries he told her he was going to take her away for the weekend camping. So she packed all her camping clothes, only to find he was going to surprise her and take her to Paris instead! Obviously, she made him buy her a whole new wardrobe! ;)

His death was such a shock to me. He only went into Hospital with a broken hip and had a pretty awful ordeal. When you see all the drama on the news about how bad Hospitals/Doctors/Nurses are to the elderly, you don't actually realise the extent of it until it happens to someone close to you.  To cut a long story short, he ended up being in Hospital for 14 weeks whilst the Hospital continued to fail him. He caught four Hospital Infections, once whilst he was ICU. He was so so strong during his whole time in Hospital, but he sadly let go on 27th May. 

When It's your Dad, you kind of feel like he's invincible and you'll never loose him and it's really hard to adjust to life without him. It was his Funeral yesterday and this was the first Funeral I'd ever been too and I found it SO hard. I'm sorry if posts are a little few and far between at the minute. I hope you all understand :) My Grandad never knew about my Blog, but he was all very interested in the internet, so I think he would of loved it! I felt like it was only right there was a post about him xx

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