Monday, September 22, 2014

Wishlist #3: Baking

The Great British Bake Off Baking Wishlist Blog

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I am completely obsessed with The Great British Bake Off! If you're not from the UK and unsure of what is it, it's a baking competition that airs on TV and each week a contestant is sent home by the judges. This is the first year I've ever watched it and I'm completely hooked, I've even resorted to watching previous seasons whilst I wait for the next episode to air. Two things always occur when watching the Bake Off.. 1. I get really hungry, there's only so much cake and food you can watch before you start really craving it and 2. I get so inspired to start baking again. I used to really enjoy it, but recently I've only been baking during holiday season, mainly Halloween and Christmas! I think I've mentioned before that It's my dream to have a beautiful pastel kitchen, so I thought I'd create a little baking type wish list of all the pastel/floral things I'm currently lusting over! 

I'm obsessed with the idea of one day owning a KitchenAid, they seem perfect, but my boyfriend Charlie is very against the idea as they are so so expensive.. One day I will own one though! I'm also completely obsessed with Royal Albert china and I really want to build up a little collection, again they are pretty expensive.. I would love to own a teacup, teapot and cake stand, but as the cake stand is £50 alone, I think I'll have to keep dreaming! I am in need of a new mixing bowl though, our current one is so tiny that It's not always big enough for even one batch of cupcakes. I've wanted to buy this pink Mason Cash bowl for such a long time now, so I think I might have to go and pick one up from Dunelm Mill soon!

Are you a fan of the Bake Off? 

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  1. Me too! Really want one of the mixers.

  2. I love the GBBO it's the best show ever, I just wish I could bake as well! Everything on your wish list is so cute, I'm actually attracted to anything in pastel colours haha x

    Beauty with charm

    1. Yes! I feel like when I next bake I'm going to be very disappointed it's not as good as the bakes on the show haha :) xx