Sunday, November 23, 2014

Stocking Fillers | £10 & Under

Beauty Stocking Fillers £10 and Under 2014 Blog
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The Christmas shopping season has approached us way too quickly this year, don't you think?! Usually, I have all my shopping completed early November, but I'm SO behind this year. I've been loving reading all the different gift guides, so I definitely wanted to create my own! Today I thought I'd start with "Stocking Fillers £10 & Under". Personally, I think the most I'd ever spend on a stocking filler would be £15, but I've seen so many spending so much money on stocking fillers, which is slightly crazy haha!

Have you started your Christmas shopping?

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  1. Some of these have given me some much needed stocking filler inspiration, thank you! I think I'm going to get the chubby sticks for my mums stocking, and the nail polishes for my sister :) xx

  2. Great ideas! I'd love any of these on my stocking :)
    I haven't started my Christmas shopping yet! I like to wait until the tree is up and everywhere is pretty xx

  3. Ooh this has been super helpful, thank you! It's nice to see a post with items that are affordable rather than £150+! I've not started my Christmas shopping yet as I always leave everything until last minute.

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  4. I really need to get organised as I've not even thought about my shopping yet! I love the Christmas Eve Yankee Candle, it literally smells like my Christmas Eve!

    Heather x