Friday, January 09, 2015

What I've Been Watching - Top 10 Of 2014

Hello Lovelies! Today post is another 'What I've Been Watching' but as 2014 has just come to a close, I thought I'd write a round up of my top ten favourite programmes/movies I watched during the past year. 

001: First up is Pretty Little Liars! I started watching this at the beginning of last year because I heard so many people say how obsessed they were with it and I also heard it was pretty similar to Gossip Girl. The first time I watched it was with my boyfriend and I thought we'd both hate it, but we both became obsessed haha! (How lucky am I, that my boyfriend watches PLL?) If you've never watched it, it follows four girls after the death of one of their best friends. No-one was ever caught for her murder, so the girls all come together and try to unravel the mystery behind it all. They also start receiving anonymous messages that threaten to reveal all their secrets.  It's now onto the fifth series and there is another two to go. I cannot wait to see how it all ends! If you'd like to watch this all five seasons are now on Netflix (UK) and they will be adding a new episode weekly.

002: Next up is One Tree Hill! I always used to see the quotes from the show all over Tumblr, so when I saw that every season was on Netflix (US) I just had to watch it and I became obsessed! The story follows a group of friends that live in the town of Tree Hill. I love that it isn't a typical girly programme that just focuses on boys - it touches on so many different problems and subjects.

003: American Horror Story - Another Netflix goodie. If you love horror movies, you will definitely love this too. Each season is so different - my favourites were definitely the first two seasons - Murder House and Asylum. Oh and like most girls, I've completely fallen in love with Evan Peters.

004: Broadchurch was first aired back in 2013 I believe? I completely missed it, but every week my whole Twitter timeline was filled with hundreds of tweets about the show and it did sound amazing! So when I saw that it was being repeated, I knew I HAD to watch it. It's such an amazing show, if you've never seen it, it's about the murder of a young boy and the mystery behind his death. Season two started on Monday and the first episode was incredible. This is a must watch!

005: Next up is Breaking Bad - I don't seem to hear as much hype about this now, but it used to be huge! I completely binged watched this when I was really ill for a few weeks last year. I won't explain what it's about because I think it's definitely one of those shows that when you try to explain it, everyone is like 'That sounds rubbish!' but I actually really enjoyed it!

006: Friends! An oldie, but such a goodie! I started watching this whilst I was in Mexico and finished watching it once I arrived home. Believe it or not, I had never watched every single episode and this made me a little sad, but now I have! This is probably one of my favourite tv shows ever, it's one of those few shows that just never get old, no matter how many times I've seen each episode I still laugh so much watching it! 

007: Once Upon A Time - Everyone I heard speak about this show said it was really rubbish, so I wasn't expecting much, but personally I loved it! The story follows the residents of those living in the town Storybrooke and it features all your favourite Disney and fairy tale characters! 

008: Now on to the movies! First up is Maleficent - My favourite Disney movie whilst growing up was always Sleeping Beauty, so I was way too excited to see Maleficent! In Sleeping Beauty you're always made to feel a huge dislike towards Maleficent, but in this movie you see a complete different side to the story - it's amazing! If you haven't watched this yet, definitely add it to your list! 

009: I've loved Coraline for a while, but I became completely obsessed with it around Halloween time. The movie follows Coraline, who finds a secret passage which leads to a parallel world, where everyone has buttons instead of eyes and all her dreams come true, but it all goes terribly wrong.

010: and lastly, Frozen! I first saw this at the cinema last year for my birthday and like most people, I've been completely obsessed since! 

And that it! My top ten of 2014. What made it on your list?

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  1. I really loved reading this post! I started Once Upon A Time a few days ago and I'm hooked already. My friend made me watch the first episode of Broadchurch last night and I cried like a baby so I've got that to catch up on too :) You've given me so many ideas of what I can watch!

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  2. I cannot express how happy I am that Pretty Little Liars is back! It is amazing. I used to watch Once Upon a Time too but then stopped after the first series. I might have to get back in to it though because I remember how much I used to love it! x

    Mapped Out | Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle

  3. I'm a hard core PLL fan and have been since the beginning, I'm actually re-watching season 1 right now (for the hundredth time) haha. You're so lucky to have a boyfriend who will watch it with you :)
    xxx Claire

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  5. I've not actually watched any of these programs/films, how embarrassing hahah! Loved this post:) x

  6. Nice movies :)
    Prettylittleliars and Frozen are on my Top List too!
    I like how You wrote with the quotes :)
    Nice greetings from germany 🙈

  7. PLL is soo good! I need to watch the latest episode :) Broadchurch season 1 was definitely my favourite programme of all time, I'm so glad it's back for another season!

    Kate xo //

  8. I got through the first seasons of both PLL and OUAT I loved them both but just never got round to moving on - I tend to start a complete new programme when I finish a series! I love Merlin and Teen Wolf too :)

    Heather x

  9. love american horror story! season 2 will forever be my favourite though

    from helen at

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