Saturday, February 25, 2017

Let's Talk About: YouTube (&Blogging)

I think I'm starting to really missing blogging. I feel like 2014 was the year that blogging was such a huge passion of mine and as a result, I managed to post 139 times. Last year, I managed to post 4 times... I've been thinking lately of why this may be and I soon realised, that the reason why I started this blog was to write about my passions and hobbies, which at the time were hair and makeup; mainly because I was also working in a salon at the time. Years passed and I changed a lot as a person, I didn't feel passionate about makeup so much anymore and in terms of blogging, I felt very lost and like there wasn't a place for me anymore. Due to the lack of blogging, I also decided to stop having a domain, because the money would be better spent elsewhere. There are so many blog posts that state all the important ~blogger rules~ and they all say you n e e d a domain, or no one would even bother reading, which made me feel like I shouldn't even bother. But, there have been so many times when my mind has been full to the brim of thoughts, and I always think "I wish I could blog about this" So, here's me ignoring all those "blogger rules" and just starting again, like I did originally, just because I want to write about all the things in my life.

I mentioned in one of the only posts I wrote last year, that I had kind of fallen out of love with YouTube, due to the fact that the bigger YouTubers seemed to be creating very fake, online personas and kind of exploiting their young following, but today, I watched a video that really did make me think of the bigger picture.

I feel like there are many reasons people tend to dislike the bigger names, such as Alfie Deyes and Zoe Sugg. For some, it could be they just don't understand how they have such a huge online following, others don't agree with how much money they make and others just don't like them as people or the content they make. I think it's perfectly fine to not like someone, however, I hate how many unnecessary comments I see about them online, on a daily basis - usually coming from other YouTubers themselves. And one of the biggest topics being, the books that they have brought out. I for one, have never been that much of big fan of YouTube books, but I realised I never really looked at the bigger picture. I always thought because I don't like this, none of the people I know like this, why is this a thing?

I remember when I was little and growing up in an abusive environment, my idols were McFly. And even though, I was incredibly unhappy everyday, they made it all bearable. If Alfie and Zoe are exploiting children by selling merchandise and by bringing out harmless books, you could also say, McFly were exploiting 11 year old me, by selling all those things they did, that I then bought. It's an incredibly sad thing, but I always say it, I feel like McFly were one of the best, if not the best, thing about my childhood. And yes, to a lot of us, The Pointless Book may seem...pointless. But if it brings joy to a child or teenager for just 5/10 minutes, especially if they're having a hard time, why is that such a terrible thing?

YouTube books aside, another common thing is that, because these YouTubers share little snippets of their lives, everyone thinks that they are the expert on who these people are and assume they know everything that there is to know about them. We make up these little characters in our minds of who they are and we don't need any more information. For example: When we see a YouTuber making a lot of money, we sometimes believe them to be greedy and unappreciative, but again, we're only seeing a tiny snippet of their lives. If they donate to charity, they can't add it in to a vlog, or that would be seen as just donating to charity to get praise. Ultimately, I think it's a situation they can't win.

Another important point that was made in the video by Emma Blackery, is that with this online community, we can always go back and watch their old videos, of when they were a completely different person and because of this, we don't always have a clear picture of who they are in the present time and comments such as "You've changed" are very common. People change a lot over the years, but when your life is constantly documented online, people expect you to stay the same for some reason, which is a really odd concept.

Overall, I don't think I'm ever going to be someone that's a huge fan of Alfie's, but that's okay. I don't need to be, but I think it's important to be nice and not to keep spreading so much unnecessary hate all of the time.  (Obviously, this could apply to everyone, but I just used Alfie as an example due to the video)

"What Susie says of Sally, says more about Susie than Sally." 

I never thought I'd write a post defending Alfie, but here we are! Sorry for the long, rambly post on my YouTube thoughts, thank you if you read it all! If you watched the video, what were your thoughts? x

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