Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Top Five of the Week: YouTube

Lately I seem to be watching YouTube less and less, but here are five videos that I've loved from the past week! (I'd like this to maybe be a weekly thing, but my subscription box is usually pretty bleak, so we shall see)

001: Alfie Deyes and Emma Blackery talk YouTube Money, Books & More.
As a non YouTuber myself, I find videos like this incredibly interesting. I feel that those that haven't experienced life as a YouTuber can be very quick to judge at times, myself included, so I'm all about videos that set the record straight. This is a must watch, even if you're not a fan of the likes of Emma or Alfie. This video also inspired me to write one of my latest blog posts - Let's Talk About YouTube (&Blogging).

002: Cayleigh Maloye covers La La Land's 'Audition Song' 
I really like La La Land, I'm just not sure if I love it and get the hype everyone gives it. However, the soundtrack is beautiful, and after seeing the film, I became obsessed and had it on repeat for w e e k s. I feel like most days there is another La La Land cover in my subscription box, but I think because I have such a high expectation of how the songs should sound, I don't really love many of them, but this one is incredible and I can't stop listening to it!

003: Mark Ferris talks about becoming comfortable in his own skin
As someone who is pretty self conscious, I really loved this video and the important message it sends out; that everyone should be able to wear whatever they feel comfortable in, regardless of what other people think. He also touched on the comments he sometimes receives, regarding men using products and clothes that are deemed for woman, and how to deal with comments from close-minded individuals. I really enjoy videos like this because I'm a stickler for listening to negative comments. I wish I could have watched videos like this when I was a teenager, I feel like my mindset would be completely different.

004: The Michalaks announce their pregnancy 
The Michalaks have to be one of my favourite YouTubers, and one of the only vlogging channels I watch; the way that the vlogs are shot and edited is just incredible. Back in the summer, Hannah wrote the most heartbreakingly beautiful blog post about her miscarriage, so watching their announcement video of their new pregnancy made me so emotional. Hannah has also uploaded another video where she talks more about her pregnancy so far and wrote a blog post where she talks about pregnancy after a loss. It's so lovely to see her happy after a really tough time!

005: Dodie Clark responds to YouTube hate in the media. 
I feel like most days now, I see more and more main stream media outlets bashing and outing YouTubers. This is a very interesting and thought provoking video and I agree with most of the points made. I really love videos like this, that get people talking and sharing their opinions! At the end of the video, Dodie tells her audience to make video responses, but as YouTube is not my thing, I think I may write a post in response to it soon.

Which videos have you loved watching the past week?


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