Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Insta Roundup: October 2017

These types of posts have been a thing for the longest time but these days, I seem to read them more and more because the Instagram algorithm is the worst. I see the posts of about 5% of the people I follow and it makes me sad because I used to be obsessed with Instagram. I loved the progression of gaining new followers, taking pretty pictures and meeting new people but since the big change, it's now a place where you get such a reduced interaction and an influx of unfollowers. It has made myself and many other people lose all of that motivation we had to post. It kind of feels like if no one is seeing our images, why bother? and I went such a long time not uploading anything but I've recently got back into it because I do really love photography, even if it's just materialistic images of candles and fluffy cushions or something that I'm doing and I thought I'd make this post a sort of monthly diary type of thing because I never do anything like this and I thought these would be really lovely to look back on in the months, maybe even years to come.

We all have that one month of the year that we just completely adore and just makes us feel so happy; October is definitely mine and I'm so sad it's over for another year.

 For me, the month went incredibly fast. Mainly because I was more busy than usual and my SAD has really started to creep in, that combined with my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome has left me with very limited energy levels, all the time. This was only my second month back into blogging again and for some reason, I thought it would be a great idea to set myself the task of blogging every day...and even though it was tough I managed to do it and I posted 40 times!

 At the start of the month, we had just finished celebrating my boyfriend - Conor's 21st birthday where we went to London to see Matilda the Musical and that was absolutely incredible. More days like this, please!

One of my favourite things in October was being able to finally put up all my Halloween decorations. You know those people that are really 'extra' about Christmas and put up their decorations super early? This is me but with Halloween (and sometimes Christmas too, shh) I put them up on October the 1st and I'm not ashamed. I also loved how pretty all the decorations in the shops were too and I think it was this that made me buy more autumnal/Halloween decorations. I just couldn't resist!

♡ I don't really like to spend that much time in London because the hustle and bustle isn't something I really enjoy but this month, I've been a couple of times. Firstly, I went to see dodie play at the KOKO which was amazing and at the end of the month I went to the BFI to see the preview of the new series of Inside No9. (I'll probably speak about both of these events in more detail at a later date.)

♡ After the Inside No9 screening, Conor and I took a little walk around the South Bank in London. It was so beautiful being all lit up, I'm rarely in London when it's dark anymore so it was really lovely. It felt so Christmassy so we just had to go and get an overpriced hot chocolate, didn't' we?? FIVE POUND FOR ONE!!!! It tasted like it was made from complete pure chocolate so, after a few sips, you were practically in a sugar coma. We also saw the Shreks Adventure Halloween display and it was pretty much the best thing ever...

♡ And then my favourite day of the year arrived...Halloween! Although this year wasn't as fun...because Conor is currently a film student, he had things to do so instead I had a really cute night with my Mum. I don't really spend that much quality time with her anymore so we got a takeaway and watched all the Halloween films we used to watch when I was little!

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed this more personal sort of post. What did you get up to in October? 

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